Notes on the registers

The original Kemsing parish registers are kept at the Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone where electronic copies can be read on a computer.

The registers up to 1812 were transcribed by Thomas Colyer-Fergusson and typed up in a book. The registers from 1813 were transcribed by Vic Bowden.

New transcription notes

This transcription onto excel spreadsheets was done by Val Brown and indexed by David Williams. Transcriber’s comments are those by the current transcriber.

The present transcribers have tended to:-
• leave christian names and surnames as transcribed except that names which are conventionally shortened have usually been transcribed in full
• anglicise names written in Latin
• use modern spellings of places and occupations where these can be identified.

If the parent’s name (where only one is given) appears to be female it is assumed that there is no father and the child was base born.
Titles which come at the end such as ‘Esq’, ‘Knight’ or ‘Gent’ and additions such as ‘Jnr’ or ‘the younger’ have been included with the family name.
Leading titles such as ‘Sir’ are included before the christian name.

The index includes the names in the registers of the person being baptised, married or buried

As these are transcriptions of transcriptions, it is inevitable that errors will occur. You are recommended to check with the original sources if possible.

Any corrections, omissions or comments to Kemsing Heritage Centre.

An entry in the baptism records for 13 November 1881 reads:
Sunday afternoon the Bishop of Dover confirmed the following parishioners or members of the congregation:
Albert E NORMAN 23; James FULLER 19; Frederick WAGHORN 17; Frank READ 18; Philip CARD 17; William CARD 15; George CARD 14; Mr Mayden PRYCE 20; Mary Ann WAGHORN 21; Annie SWIFT 18; Clara WAGHORN 18; Beatrice MILLIS 16; Rose ASHDOWN 16; Elizabeth BRIDGES 13; Fanny UNDERHILL 14 and three others from neighbouring parishes